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Dino Dining Table, Rectangle

Dino Dining Table, Rectangle

$11,670 - $14,970

Fine dining with a casual vibe is not extinct. Meet the Dino Dining Table, S+E’s latest sensation. The cube base includes a round cut out on all four sides. Choose from three rectangular/oval tops in your choice of New South Collection finishes. BTW, mixing and matching finishes is encouraged.

Choose from Oval or Rectangular Tops with a bevelled or straight edge in the following sizes:
W79 x D40 x H1.25 (or 1.5)
W84 x D44 x H1.25 (or 1.5)
W96 x D48 x H1.25

Base: W24 x D24 x H27.5 ; combined base and top H approximately 30″

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    New South Wood Finishes

    Ambrosia Ash, Chantilly Lace Ash, Chantilly Lace Maple, Chelsea Lace Ash, Chelsea Lace Maple, Flint Ash, Flint Maple, Nicotine Ash, Nicotine Maple, Pale Pewter Ash, Pale Pewter Maple, Swiss Coffee Ash, Swiss Coffee Maple

    Table Edge Style

    Beveled Edge, Straight Edge

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