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Fragile, Original Art


There’s an undaunted boldness to Linwood’s work. And also a gentle nurturing esprit. “Fragile” strikes that balance, which is the human condition. This canvas spoke to another collector, as it will to many these days navigating a world of chaos and kindness. Linwood enjoys working on private commissions, and is especially eager for continued exploration of this theme. New incarnations are, be assured, entirely new. An original by nature, Linwood never repeats himself.

Canvas size: 48 x 60
Framed size: 50 x 62

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    CUSTOM COMMISSIONS: Linwood originals are indeed just that: one-of-a-kind creations. Please know, however, that Linwood loves personal commissions. Perhaps an already-sold work of art speaks to you. Maybe you’re intrigued by piece,  but desire a change in size, palette, material or content. We should talk. Linwood never repeats himself, but an existing piece may inform a new original, expressly for you. The creative process can even be collaborative with regard to dimensions and color preferences. Where to begin? The custom process starts with an email.

    ABOUT LINWOOD: Linwood is a modern abstract artist with an impressive body of work – and an alter-ego. The artist Linwood is South + English’s very own Palmer Smith. A true master of mixed media, Linwood experiments with acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil and even found objects in a diverse, intriguing and highly collectible oeuvre. Learn more about the artist now.

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