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Neva Dining Table

$7,035 - $14,670

Others aspire. Neva hits the mar. Our Neva Dining Table is ageless and timely all at once. The round drum base is an irregular laser-cut fretwork, available in five Made To Order finishes. The tops are peerless too. Choose from five round top sizes and two oval tops. Specify a choice of table edges: beveled or straight. At last specify your choice of Made To Order wood finishes. There’s a raft, and they’re all dynamic, interesting and finished by hand.

Round Tops with a beveled or straight edge:

DIA 42 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)
DIA 48 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)
DIA 54 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)
DIA 60 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)
DIA 72 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)


Oval Tops with a beveled or straight edge:

W79 x D40 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)
W96 x D48 (1.25″ or 1.5″ Table Top Thickness)

Base: DIA 27 x H27.5 ; combined base and top H approximately 30″

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    South + English Made To Order collection pieces feel fresh, modern and in the moment. Yet, MTO designs echo traditional forms, and the manufacturing process is classic old school. Each solid-wood piece is made expressly for you, bench made by skilled artisans with long experience in the furniture-making tradition. MTO finishes are specially calibrated and nuanced. Jewelry-like hardware is just right. Bespoke customization by the inch is also available. MTO is the professional designer’s go-to for both commercial and residential projects.

    Made To Order Metal Finishes

    Blackened Steel, Empire Gold, Empire Silver, English White, Graphite

    Made To Order Wood Finishes

    Ambrosia Maple, Black Coffee Oak, Charcoal Maple, Chatsworth White Oak, Dove Wing Grey, Driftwood Oak, Elizabethan Oak, French White Ash, Gustavian Oak, London Fog White, Old World Oak, Sea Pearl White, Smoked Grey Maple, Smoked Grey Oak, Starry Sky Oak, Washed Grey Oak, White Sand Oak, Kaleidoscope

    Table Edge Style

    Beveled Edge, Straight Edge

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