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We’ve got a crush on color. All of them. The entire kaleidoscope. Hence the name. Kaleidoscope is South + English’s paint-match program. It’s available on every wood design in the
Made To Order
and New South collections.

With Kaleidoscope, it’s easy to colorize and decorate. To get started, simply pick a hue from any professional paint-match program, like Benjamin Moore. Our workroom will calibrate to the precise hue and colorize.

Additionally, you may also specify wood grain visibility preference. Some designers crave a pristine full-color finish. Others desire a wood-grain undertow.

Start dreaming (and designing) in living color now.


Do you dream in color? Why not extend your color vision beyond walls and fabrics into wood furniture. S+E is at the ready.

Refine your palette to begin. Not many things in life are infinite, but Kaleidoscope’s color matching possibilities are.

South + English will realize your colorful design with the same attention to detail we bring to traditional wood finishes.

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