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Chairs, sofas, benches, barstools, chaises and such are haute couture of the design world, at least as far as South + English is concerned. S+E upholstery is bench-made by hand for enduring comfort and then dressed to kill.

We’ve curated a special selection of velvets and linens in a wide array of palettes from quiet neutrals and monochromes to saturated (and satisfying) jewel tones. Frankly, our very favorite fabrics are often yours. That is, designer COMs.

Additionally, South + English lives to realize your upholstery vision with custom tailoring treatments. Welts, miters, cords, combination fabrics, button, tassels and tufting all set our heart aflutter.

Quite often, S+E upholstery creations are set in wood or metal frames. In such cases, finish options are married to the specific item. Sound confusing? It’s not! Our website product page deets clearly identify what’s what.

With that, please take a seat!





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Some South + English seating designs are fully upholstered head-to-toe with no visible wood. Other times, woods and metals are introduced for structural support and pure aesthetics.

Finish options are available on most S+E seating with wood and metal detailing. The options are quite specific to the product. Happily, the product pages here on the website make it all as plain as day.

To peruse the full parade of wood and metal finish options, click here and – voilà …

Remember Goldilocks? We do. At South + English, we believe everyone deserves the just-right perch. That’s why we’ve tailored our upholstery program to designer needs and desires. We love to customize and promise a fairytale ending.

Here’s how it works

  • An existing S+E seating design is always the starting point. Many S+E frames are available to customize.
  • Next, show what changes you have in mind. Sometimes, it’s as easy-peasy as custom tailoring treatments. Other times, dimensions and proportions require refinement. Sketches rock. Please do sketch your desired customization with as much detail as possible.
  • We will then connect with you one-on-one and flesh out more detail.
  • Incoming! You’ll next see a shop drawings and a full quotation, both for your final approval.
  • Of note, custom upholstery orders must be paid in full before production begins. No returns are allowed. We really are making the piece just for you!
  • S+E will keep you apprised of lead time, but overall you may expect delivery 8-15 weeks after sign off and receipt of COM, if applicable.

Shop our upholstery and seating lineup. We think you’ll agree, South + English style is unique in the marketplace. We are happy to go still farther and make something just-right for you.


Look! No assembly line. Every S+E upholstery design is bench-made by hand in our North Carolina workrooms.

Our manufacturing processes are akin to bespoke tailoring. We measure twice, cut once, and nip and tuck to perfection.

S+E conducts highly scientific “sit tests” on new designs before they go to market, as shown here!

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