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We are implausibly perfect. With a counter-intuitive mix of provenance and personality, South + English is the home décor brand where opposites attract and styles converge. We bend the rules. We blur the lines. Mastering this unique balancing act is a noble cause. It’s is the essence of both good design and the art of living.

S+E is the brainchild of longtime partners and creative collaborators Palmer Linwood Smith and David Ebbetts – the former an irrepressible live-large Southerner and the latter, a dialed-back, Opinionated Brit. Honestly, they couldn’t be more different. Therein lies the magic.

Established in 2019, South + English is a fresh voice in the world of design. Yet, Palmer and David are both seasoned design and furniture execs, curators and artists. They know how to design and develop product, source craftsmen, wrangle supply chains and work a special brand magic in showroom display. South + English understands the stylish ground of boutique retail, and some of their best friends (and customers) are interior designers.

You are welcome in our world.


Georgia born, Palmer Linwood Smith is a man of the New South – wide open, well-travelled, spontaneous, artful and a masterful maker of biscuits. Reliably unpredictable, South brings the crazy to English’s cool.

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Beneath London born David Ebbetts cool exterior lies a creative soul with little patience for the status quo. David embraces change as the natural order. South advises ‘”fasten your seatbelt” when he’s is on a roll.

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Patient and observant, chocolate lab Eden is the elder stateswoman of South + English. She chooses her spots with discernment, generally a comfy S+E sofa. Eden also picks her battles. Paws up, she might gesture, pleading no contest to controlling her wild-child little sister.


Playful and mischievous, Luna’s perpetual expression seems to ask, “where’s the party?” She yanks the lead, begs for biscuits and keeps the team on its toes (and tripping over chew toys). Luna reminds us to imbue all we do – work and play – with joie de vivre.

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