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For Linwood, art is oxygen. Painting is Palmer Linwood Smith’s first love. His figurative and landscape portraits originally turned heads, but Linwood is not one to stand still. Today, Linwood is known for his modern abstract paintings.

A true master of mixed media, Linwood experiments with acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil and even collaging found objects in a diverse, intriguing and highly collectible body of work.

Linwood explains, “I use color, pattern and texture to create movement on a canvas. My work is very kinetic. Chaos gives way to joy. Just like life.”

Painting is Linwood’s passion. It shows on every canvas. But, he’s got an alter-ego too. The artist Linwood is South + English’s own Palmer Smith. Artist, furniture designer, interior designer, showroom designer and curator of the good life, Palmer Linwood is a true creative multi-hyphenate.


Painter and former gallerist Palmer Linwood Smith – better known in the art world simply as “Linwood,” is a mixed media artist whose canvases use unexpected combinations of color, texture, calligraphy to create impactful abstract works of art.

While Linwood primarily employs acrylic, oil, and pastels to compose his work, he often includes found objects and ephemera in his work. Layering colors, graffiti, and detritus allows for a raw, emotionally evocative experience for both the artist and the viewer. Bold and subdued color contrasts excite the senses and the intellect.

Atlanta-born Linwood is a true son of the new South – progressive yet rooted in a rich cultural tradition. Staking claim to the “South” half of the designer furniture brand South + English, the artist is also a furniture designer, visual merchandising magician and an amazing cook. Linwood travels widely. Linwood shares homebases in North Carolina with his business, life partner and fellow artist DJE (a.k.a. David Ebbetts).

Very often, interior designers and collectors feel an immediate connection with a Linwood original. Size, color palette and composition are just right. But not always. As such, Linwood happily accepts custom commissions. The creative process is collaborative. Linwood can work to your specifications, needs and desires. Contact the artist directly at


Linwood loves to create. Inspiration comes naturally informed by travel, nature, pop culture, music and relationships.

While Linwood’s “language” is visual, he thrives on conversation. He is a friend and patron in the local arts community.

A self-proclaimed closet introvert, Linwood cherishes downtime to process emotion and experience, often in the company of canines.

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