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    • Bettina Sculpture


      Bettina is inspired by a vintage, terracotta sculpture – a nude woman in repose – that still lives in South’s (Palmer Smith’s) personal collection today. Crafted in Sculptor White and set on an Oralia Gold platform base, Bettina is the essence of early 20th Century, semi-abstract female sculpture. Overall: W12…

    • Danielli Sculpture


      Danielli Sculpture design inspiration can be traced to France, via an Atlanta art dealer, where South + English we  are smitten with an original sculpted in marble. They’ve reinvented it entirely to create Danielli, a new original full of movement, grace and synergy. Crafted in Sculptor White and set on…

    • Isola Sculpture


      Like most sculptures in the South + English collection, Isola is based on an antique find presently residing in S+E co-founders’ (Palmer Smith and David Ebbetts)  own home. Entirely made-over, the original piece was cast in bronze. The sense of form and motion captured in S+E’s makeover is also decidedly…

    • Luna Sculpture


      Luna is a reinterpretation of a mid-century modern terracotta sculpture South + English discovered in Provence. The vessel complete with a tripod base and an imperfect, undulating surface, Luna guarantees to bring some mid-century glam to your abode. Available in Sculptor White and Oralia Gold, the sculpture is a favorite…

    • Motti Sculpture


      A modern reclining nude, Motti is inspired by a textured terracotta sculpture South + English happened upon in Nice. The Motti Sculpture is a lovely objet d’art for any Cote d’Azur salon, of course – and stylish American homes too. Crafted in Sculptor White and set on an Oralia Gold…

    • Nestor Sculpture


      We’ve have an eye for all things equine. So it happened that South + English came upon a horse sculpture in a brocante outside Nice. Clearly the old boy had been put to pasture, strewn amongst other forgotten objet and memorabilia. S+E felt differently and have given this charming statue…

    • Rialto Sculpture


      A Catalonian sculpture, originally carved in marble – caught English’s eye in a southern antique fair. Reminiscent of the Rialto Bridge in Italy, our Rialto Sculpture is crafted in Sculptor White and set on an Oralia Gold platform base. Overall: W15 x D7 x H9.

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