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The Clean Slate collection is all about fresh starts. And choice. That’s why we’ve created a mix-and-match dining room table program from the bottom up. Quite literally.

Your Clean Slate dining room design starts with the selection of a table base, generally a pedestal. After the base is selected, you’ll top it off.

Round table tops are available in diameters of 42, 54, 60 and often 72 inches. Oval and Rectangular tops are typically offered in two dimensions: 79×40, 84×44. A spacious 96×48 is also offered on some (generally double-pedestal) styles.

To understand how tops and bottoms pair, simply visit our Clean Slate dining table product pages.

With table base and top happily “married,” you’ll next consider the just-right finish, choosing from a liberal and lovely Clean Slate palette. Designers love combination finishes, that is, using two complimentary finishes for base and top. Mixed finishes are among our favorites too.

To wrap it up, give your dining table creation a bit of edge, specify a beveled or flat edge.


Bottoms up!

Start with the perfect dining table base and design your way up with options aplenty, including tops of sundry size, shape and finish.

Four stunning pedestal bases • Two edge treatments: Bevelled or Straight • Four round table tops: 48, 54, 60 and 72 • Two oval table tops: 79×40 and 96×48

Clean Slate table tops are available in a choice of two edge treatments. Why? Because we can, and because we know designers like choice. Choose from a cool no-nonsense flat edge or for an elegant beveled edge. We cut to order!

Washed Grey Oak


Starry Sky Oak


Old World Oak


Smoked Grey Oak


Sea Pearl White


London Fog White


Gustavian Oak


Grey Stone Oak


Dove Wing Grey


Charcoal MAPLE




Blackened Steel


Empire Gold


Empire Silver


English White




With so many size, shape, material and finish options, Clean Slate dining table options are simply exponential. Yet for some, more is needed. South + English is delighted to partner with you on bespoke dining table designs. We too are designers and understand client, floor plan, and aesthetic needs vary from project to project.

Every custom dining table is unique and made to order in our U.S. workroom. Here’s a handy overview of our custom process:

  • First, an existing dining table is always the starting point for bespoke customization.
  • To begin in earnest, show us your specs. Pictures speak louder than words, so rough sketches with detailed notes help light the way. Notes on desired dimensions, design adjustments and finish refinements are especially welcome.
  • Shortly thereafter, we’ll then connect with you one-on-one to ensure a shared understanding.
  • Next, you’ll see shop drawings and a full quotation, both for your final approval.
  • Of note, custom orders must be paid in full before production begins and no returns are allowed. We really are making the piece just for you.
  • S+E will keep you apprised of lead time, but overall you may expect delivery 8-15 weeks after sign off.

Ready to make our day with a custom challenge? Just email or call now. Let’s design together.


It’s all about pairings. Choose a table base. Team it up with a top (in sundry sizes and shapes). Fine dining awaits!

You’ve only just begun. A great dining room may start with a table, but supporting players add storage and beauty.

No one’s left standing. Complete your dining room statement with a selection of just-right chairs, perfect for long dinners.

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