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Linwood is a modern abstract artist with an impressive body of work – and an alter-ego. The artist Linwood is South + English’s very own Palmer Smith.  A true master of mixed media,  Linwood experiments with acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel, pencil and even found objects in a diverse, intriguing and highly collectible oeuvre.



Quite often, interior designers and collectors feel an immediate connection with a Linwood original. Size, color palette and composition are just right. But not always. As such, Linwood happily accepts custom commissions. The creative process is collaborative. Linwood can work to your specifications, needs and desires. It starts with an email. Reach out now.



For me, my art is about expression. Message? Not for me to say. The kick is for the viewer to discover meaning in the work. I totally own my feelings and opinions, but I’m not one to lecture.

So glad you asked, yes. Row, row, row your bateau.

Explain please… A bateau or two – the French word for boat – appears in all my work. Graphically, I love the shape, but there’s more. The bateau is a symbol of journey and ultimately transcendence. It’s my spirit object!

Well, it’s never in hiding. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s a matter of keeping your eyes, heart and mind open. And your passport current!

A blank canvas is the future. It’s the most exciting part of the creative process. I do not suffer from painter’s block!

Knowing when a piece is fini is intuitive. I often step away, and come back to the canvas with fresh eyes. I know immediately if finishing touches are needed or if everything is as it should be.

Actually, not at all. It’s thrilling to connect with people through art. Seeing my work live in-situ is as exciting as making it.

I’m not afraid of color. Maybe that’s it. Lately, I’ve kindled a little romance with neutrals. Color, pattern and texture all bump up against each other in my work.

Oh yes, commissions are a great kick. For me, art is about creating connections. What better than to have a rapport with the ultimate owner.

You’re looking at it – South + English. No spoiler alert – I’m South. My partner David Ebbetts is the English counterpoint. Opposites really do attract and we’re exploring our creative commonalities and contrasts in a new home décor brand. We are both beyond excited!


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Atlanta, GA

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720 Governor Morrison Street
Charlotte, NC 28211


438 King Street
Charleston, SC

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231 E 5th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101

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2292 Cole Street
Birmingham, MI


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