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    • Barnabus Cabinet


      According to South (Palmer Smith), the Barnabus Cabinet is “candy.” Translation: it’s just that sweet. Savor the nuances, starting with the cabinet’s amazing door fronts, hand cast in Old Bronze like layered shingles. Once  past the doors (as if!), the hand-finished cabinet interior is rife with useful storage space. Clean…

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    • Chelsea Cabinet


      Inspiration can be random. Execution never is. A vintage panel – seen, forgotten, but ultimately remembered – inspired the intricately hand-carved Chelsea door fronts. English minded myriad detail and brought this design to life, working closely with the S+E workroom. Our Oystershell finish is ever fresh, the exclusive finish offered…

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    • Movement Cabinet


      Inspired by our best-selling Movement Art Series, the Movement Cabinet door fronts feature similar designs, crafted by layering hand-cut wooden shapes. The Movement Cabinet has true substance, crafted by hand in solid oak or maple, and is available in any of our maple or oak finishes – mixing finishes (as…

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