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Brigham Decorative Panel



South + English covets pattern, shape and texture. Especially when they coalesce in a work of art. So it is with Brigham, a honeycomb-pattern decorative panel in a choice of two finishes – gesso-inspired Sculptor White and glimmering Oralia Gold. Both finishes engage and soothe the eye. Decorative panel mounted in a white shadowbox frame surrounded by a white linen mat; topped with acrylic. Custom framing options available. Simply email now.

Overall: 27 x 27


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    South + English co-founders Palmer Smith and David Ebbetts have an eye for uniqueness and both love to find one-of-a-kind pieces while traveling and readapt them to make them available to all. Our collection of Decorative Panels are a mix of found objects and inspirations from over the years. Using various mediums and textures, some panels are cast and others created by hand. The unusual, tactile, and dimensional panels each vary slightly from the next. S+E decorative panels are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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