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Nestor Sculpture


We’ve have an eye for all things equine. So it happened that South + English came upon a horse sculpture in a brocante outside Nice. Clearly the old boy had been put to pasture, strewn amongst other forgotten objet and memorabilia. S+E felt differently and have given this charming statue new life as Nestor, so named after a wise old king in Homer’s Odyssey who dispensed sage advice to young warriors. This sculpture speaks to us. And you? Cast in Sculptor White.

Overall: H20
Base: W19 x D11

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    South + English (Palmer Smith and David Ebbetts, respectively) are avid art collectors and count sculpture among their most prized possessions. In fact, South told Luxe Magazine, “If the house were on fire, art would be the first thing out.” S+E has lovingly created a collection of sculpture inspired by their world travels. Nearly every piece in the collection has an inspirational antecedent, and the original lives in one of S+E’s residences.

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