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Side By Side, Series 1-4

$2,825 - $11,312

The Lives series disrupts the order of things. Life is not linear. People, places, thoughts, emotion and experience bump up against each other, resist and attract randomly. Therein lies the beauty. Mixed media on canvas with gold leaf. Beige linen mat set under glass in a gold frame.

Lives is conceived and shown as four-piece series. The four works are available for sale individually.

Framed size: 25.5 x 31.5 (each)

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    DJE original art is an expression of life’s journeys and relationships, using shapes, patterns, color and texture as a symbolic interpretation of how things felt at the time. Wood, fabric, paint and plaster on canvas are all in play. For DJE, making art is a path for personal understanding and clarity. If the art speaks to you the viewer, if it captures your imagination, raises questions, evokes emotion, one man’s process may enlighten another’s. In this way, art is personal and transcendent.

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